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Graduate Program In Architectural Design (With Thesis)

Graduate Program In Architectural Design (With Thesis)

About the Program 

Design changes our everyday life. While design-user-community relation diversifies day by day, education programs should provide effective and contributing options for this diversity. MEF Architectural Design Graduate Program aims to develop new and alternative professional routes by providing an educational environment based on research, design and practice. The program includes national and international research projects, exhibitions, social projects, material and detail research and many other titles based on students’ interests. According to selected research areas, students develop and apply alternative architectural practices as teams by collaborating with a diverse number of actors. Overall, the main objective of the program is for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to design future projections and to apply alternative architectural practices. Our staff is made up of experienced academicians as well as consultants from architectural and design profession. Furthermore, our program collaborates with structure and material developers, local authorities and NGOs. 
Program Partners and Collaborators:

Ayazağa İlköğretim Okulu (Sarıyer, İstanbul)
Güney Kıldıran İlköğretim Okulu (Sarıyer, İstanbul)
Kasaplar İlköğretim Okulu (Kasaplar, Aydın)
Türkan Şoray İlköğretim Okulu (Sarıyer, İstanbul)
Sarıyer Belediyesi
Merzifon Belediyesi
Buğday Derneği ve TA-TU-TA
Herkes İçin Mimarlık Derneği
Metal Yapı
Boğaziçi Üniversitesi
Akseki Belediyesi
İbradı Belediyesi
Çaycuma Belediyesi
Güzelsu Derneği
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